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  • Cost-Efficient: No transaction fees, only the regular banking charge.
  • Law-Compliant templates for SEPA Direct Debit Mandates in German and English languages.
  • Data Privacy: Validation of IBAN und BIC without transfer to an external server.
  • SEPA-XML-Export according to the standard ISO 20022.
  • EBICS Online Banking: Full automation of SEPA Direct Debit payments with your bank.
  • High Compatibility with other Magento Extensions (successfully tested with mit Mage Setup und localized Magento versions like Magento DE).
  • Clean Source Code, co-developed by a Certified Magento Developer.

Our Magento solution for SEPA Direct Debit offers high compatibility with Mage Setup and localized Magento like Magento DE among others. IBAN/BIC validation is being done in the checkout without sending the data to external services. Granting of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate utilizes the agreements functionality of Magento to ensure high compatibility with checkout and other template modifications. The payment transactions can be exported in the SEPA XML format (ISO 20022), and also in the deprecated DTAUS format and as simple CSV. The SEPA XML export offers a range of settings to export payments as COR1, CORE and B2B.

Video Presentation

In this short 5 minutes video you will see how the customer will experience the SEPA Direct Debit payment in your shop, what e-mails the customer and shop owner receives. After that there is a quick tutorial on how to setup the extension.This video will soon be available in English too.

Tip: You may get the Creditor Identification Number from your bank or here:

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EBICS Online Banking: Full Automation of SEPA Direct Debit in Magento

Since version 2.1 of the extension a full automation of SEPA Direct Debit payments in your Magento store is possible:

More information on SEPA Direct Debit

About granting of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate online in German language:

Official Templates for SEPA Direct Debit in German language by the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft